March 25, 2014


Lipgloss edition! In a bid to stop myself from buying more makeup - which despite many failed attempts, I will continually keep trying - I've set a mission for myself to rediscover my ever-growing, forgotten stash. Instead of using the same old everyday products, I've been switching things up on a daily basis the past few weeks, and happened to stumble upon these buried goodies - so I thought I would spread the love!

I know both of these look practically brand new, and truthfully, were very rarely used despite sitting in my makeup drawer for some time now. It's actually quite satisfying to add these back into my 'favourites' or 'currently loving' list, because at least for the time being I don't feel the need for new gloss! And I've mentioned this many times before, but when it comes to lip products I'm partial to lipsticks, but once in a while I do crave that lip plumping shine that only comes from a gloss!

I purchased NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige sometime last year after hearing nothing but great reviews about it. I did like it at first, but wasn't as wowed as I though I would be, so after 3-4 uses I stashed it away. But after rediscovering it, I'm loving Beige a lot more than I ever did before. The formula sits very comfortably, and does not draw attention to lip lines which often happens when I wear gloss. The pigmentation is not too intense, allowing your lip colour to faintly seep through to give a more natural finish. The only thing that I dislike, which I find with a few NYX products, is the sickly sweet and artificial cherry scent, but it luckily does not transfer onto the lips.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony has received a lot of love from the beauty community, and I of course, am on that bandwagon. To be honest I think it wears a little bland on its own - my dark lips cancels out most of the coral tint - but Peony absolutely shines as a lipstick topper, literally! It is jammed pack with gold shimmers that compliments almost any base colour, and adds so much dimension to the lips. The formula applies super smooth, and with no stickiness - to my surprise! It's now one of my favourite drugstore lip gloss formulas, so I'm glad I found this again.

Like most glosses, both of these products does not last particularly long on the lips, wearing only about 1-2 hours before it fades. I'm not too fussed though, just because the colour and formula makes up for it! What lip gloss have you been loving lately? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! ;D


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