November 26, 2013


Hello blog - I'm back! :)

There's something undeniably striking about the look of these Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC lipsticks. Up until this point, I had not been sold on many of Giorgio Armani's lipstick releases, but the packaging alone of these had me hunting them down as soon as they were available. I absolutely adore the bold red magnetic encasing - it's sleek, luxurious and definitely an attention grabber when taken out in public. LOVE!!

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC lipsticks are formulated to give 'colour' and 'care', providing high colour payoff and hydration to keep those lips moisturised. Mine are generally quite dry so I can't really say that they feel particularly hydrated after application, but the formula sits very comfortably and does not dry out as the colour wears off.

These lipsticks apply very smooth, they glide on effortlessly without feeling too creamy or heavy on the lips. I find the pigmentation varies just slightly with different shades, but are very pigmented nonetheless. You can see micro shimmers in the bullet of the lipstick if you look closely, but this does not transfer when worn, leaving a very natural and lustrous finish.

Like many balm/lipstick hybrids, Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy does not have a significantly long wear time. The colour lasted about 3-4 hours, though darker shades like 400 will leave a stain that eventually fades out at the end of the day. However, the longevity of these lipsticks is something I'm willing to sacrifice for the smooth texture, so no complaints here.

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November 18, 2013


And will be back very soon! :)

I'm sorry for being on hiatus for so long...I've had quite an eventful year - both good and bad - but everything is back on track now and I'm ready to get things rolling again!

I'm still working through a few kinks here and there with the new layout, but I'm aiming to have it all finalised before the end of the week.

So please bear with me a little longer! Thank you so much to those who are still here!