January 14, 2013


Many of you may have already seen some reviews and blog posts about Japanese makeup brand ADDICTION by Ayako. For something that is (sadly) only available in Japan, it sure has gotten a whole lot of attention from the blogging world - and it so rightfully deserves it!

When I finally found ADDICTION makeup on my trip to Japan, I practically threw myself at the counter. Before I knew it I was dabbing my fingers into the shadows, swatching the lipsticks as well as jumping up and down in excitement. I had the poor MUA, who spoke no English, running around the place because I wanted try a bit of everything. After spending almost an hour trying on different products, I walked out of there with 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, 1 lipgloss and 1 nail polish (which was a GWP). And now all I want is MOREEEE!! 

Mind you, ADDICTION makeup is quite $$$, and if it didn't mean living off breadcrumbs for the rest of my trip I probably would have poured all my expenses into buying as much as I could. I definitely came back from Japan a major ADDICTION convert, and I'm here to spread the love!

Note: I'll be reviewing the eyeshadows in another post.

Words cannot describe the love I feel towards these ADDICTION cheek sticks. As the name suggests these are suitable for application on both the cheeks and on the lips. I purchased #11 Tea Rose and #14 Damask Rose, see below for swatches!

On the cheeks, these are super creamy and incredibly easy to blend. On the lips, they are unbelievably moisturizing, and despite the balm-like texture, the colour payoff is incredible. Now I can't say this for all the different shades, but Tea Rose and Damask Rose wears nicely both as blush and as a lipstick against my skintone, though Tea Rose is slightly fainter and requires more product. As a lipstick, both shades do rub off when I eat, but it's nothing compared to how amazing the formula is as a whole. If I'm ever back in Japan again, I'll probably be grabbing 10 more of these Cheek Sticks!

#004 Pastel Love lipgloss is featured in my previous best of 2012 post, so you may already know how I feel about this one. I don't wear gloss that often, and usually wear it with a lipstick base as oppose to on it's own, so Pastel Love is perfect for me. Here's how it pairs with the above lippies.

Pastel Love is a soft peachy nude, with just the right amount of shimmer, so it goes as a top coat with almost any lipstick. The texture isn't too sticky, though you'll still get hair stuck on your lips when the wind blows. ADDICTION might just have me wearing gloss more often!

#017 Nessie nail polish was a GWP, but I love it nonetheless! It's not apparent in the swatch, but the polish has the slightest pearl shimmer, so it's got more depth and dimension if you see it in real life. For an opaque finish, I only needed 2 coats and it lasted a good week before it started to chip (no top coat applied). I would definitely give this a 5 out of 5!

Since this post is just getting a tad too long, I'll be saving the review on the eyeshadows till my next entry. Keep an eye out for it! Have you tried ADDICTION makeup? What do you recommend? I say they're worth another trip to Japan lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! :D


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