December 24, 2012


I've always had a thing for redheads (I REALLY wish I could rock the hair colour), and Emma Stone is my current number one style crush. When I first saw her makeup for the Revlon Shanghai collection I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to try on myself. Now please don't go comparing this in detail, it doesn't even come close! I had to tone down the eyeshadow because I couldn't carry how dramatic it looks overall, I also went for a pink lipstick instead - let me know what you guys think! ;)

December 21, 2012

JAPAN TRIP 2012: PART 2's been a while. I've kind of been in blogger shut down mode for the past couple of weeks. Ever since hitting that one year mark, I've really struggled to keep up with a regular routine (and I'm sure it's apparent). How do you guys do it?!?! I desperately need some blogging advice! ><

Despite the delay, I'm going to finish with part 2 of my Japan trip. Every time I think back to my experiences in Tokyo and Osaka, food and shopping pops to mind. On many occasions I would get so distracted by the shopping that I completely forget about taking photos. This post is extremely image heavy nonetheless - and haul photos are included at the end!


Osaka Castle
I'm sure when people visually picture Osaka (for those that have been there), this structure is somewhere in the background. Osaka Castle is a very impressive, and culturally significant, piece of architecture. If you get to the very top (lots of stairs involved) you also take in an all round view of the beautiful city.

Osaka Aquarium
I had high hopes for this place (I LOVE going to aquariums), but was a little disappointed by how small all the exhibits were. The whale shark however - which is the main draw card - had me in awe!

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
Instant ramen (or cup noodle) is an absolute food necessity to me. So naturally, I had to pay homage to the man who invented it all - Momofuku Ando. You also get to customize your very own cup noodle at the museum so it's all very cool.

I LOVE Takoyaki, and Osaka is the place to go to stuff yourself full of this yummy goodness. At this particular joint (I believe it's call 'Pizza Ball House'), you get to make your own Takoyaki from scratch, which proved to be MUCH harder than it looks. The waiter had to come around so many times to help and ensure the takoyaki was cooking properly - it was quite embarrassing.

Dotonbori is a must for food and shopping in Osaka. It's where the famous running man (or glico man) lives, and is a definite tourist hotspot. I highly recommend hitting up 'Kani Doraku Honten' if you go pass it, I know it's a chain restaurant, but their all-crab courses are AMAZING! Surprisingly affordable too.

November 14, 2012


Finally, snippets of my trip to Japan! I didn't realise how many photos I had taken (over 2000!), so I do apologize for taking my time in making this post. Looking back at all these photos though just makes me desperately want to go back...I miss Japan so much! :(

Now before I get into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Osaka, I want to share my photo diary of the breathtaking city of Kyoto. I never thought Kyoto would leave much of an impression on me, it's more about sightseeing and culture, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience. I love the clash between traditional Japan and it's modern technological advances; Kyoto is definitely a very unique city. Anyhoo, I'll keep the text to a minimal and let the pictures do the talking! Though be warned, this post is VERY picture heavy! 

Kinkakuji Temple
A temple covered in gold. Yes, GOLDDDD!!! And though you can't physically go inside the structure, it felt surreal just being in its presence - almost like I've jumped into some fantasy movie. Alongside it's surrounding gardens, Kinkakuji is absolutely picturesque.

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Fushimi Inari Shrine is most famous for its big red gates (called torii) that form tunnels which are just ENDLESS. Walking through the forest greenery (it's built on mountain) whilst being encaged in these red structures was a really amazing experience!

Arashiyama is a district on the outskirts of Kyoto, and is probably one of the most beautiful and scenic places I've ever been to. The mountains, lakes, bamboo trees...I'm really not much of a nature girl generally, but I would be happy to spend all day taking in the scenery at Arashiyama.

November 3, 2012

The Fashion Edition: Denim Blouse 3 Ways

Hi everyone, I'm back! And am suffering from a major case of post-holiday blues...I miss Japan so much! Now that I'm home, I feel so deprived of vending machines, convenient stores that sell practically anything and everything and toilets that are smart enough to converse to. Oh and the ramen!

Now before I get into the snippets of my trip and the makeup hauls, I thought I would do a little outfit post. This studded denim blouse is probably one of my favorite fashion finds during my trip to Japan. I know Zara has a similar one (which I also have lol) but I got this at WEGO Harajuku for about 1/3 of the price - total bargain! And if anyone is traveling to Japan do check out WEGO, they have a really good mix of men's and women's clothing, and the prices are very VERY reasonable. It's definitely become one of my must-visit stores in Japan!

Top: WEGO, Pants: Topshop, Heels: Topshop

I'm absolutely obsessed with jeans that have a waxy coating at the moment, I'm starting a mini-collection in a variety of colours. This burgundy pair from Topshop (which I also bought in Japan) is a great addition, and creates a really nice contrast with the denim fabric.

Top: WEGO, Pants: Topshop, Loafers: Zara, Bag: Chloe

I didn't think I would get into camo, but it has slowly crept up on me. I thought at first it would be hard to pair things with, but these camo pants go with practically everything!

October 16, 2012


This is a scheduled post. I'm currently doing some serious shopping over in Japan! I'll be sure to reply all comments when I get back. In the meantime, if you wish to catch a glimpse of my trip please follow me on instagram 'makeupedition'. ;)

This isn't the first look where I've played with orange eyeshadow (see here); I love the colour, but it's really not something I usually wear on my eyes. Maybe it's the spring season, but I actually feel comfortable to go out looking like this. Hopefully I'll be able to put my Sleek Sunset palette to better use this spring/summer - it's been sitting untouched in my makeup drawer for way too long!

October 10, 2012

My Essential Holiday Makeup

With only just DAYS now till my trip to Japan (SUPER excited!!), I'm all packed and ready to go. I'll be sure to shop like no tomorrow when I'm over there, so a practically empty suitcase is what I was aiming for. I've gone back and forth a bit on what makeup items to bring, and have stripped it all back to 12 essential products including: 

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Smog 
2. Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil #2
3. Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamor Volume On Mascara
4. Makeupshow Blush Brush H02
5. Makeupshow Powder Brush H01
6. Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki Brush F88 (not an absolute essential, but I love using this to apply foundation)
7. Lancome La Base Pro
8. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour Foundation #2
9. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Liberte #46
10. MAC MSFN in Medium
11. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
12. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler 

I’m sure many people would agree that when you’re overseas on a holiday, what makeup to wear on your face is probably one of the last things on your mind. I know a lot of people who would bare it all (face-wise) when on vacation, but since I practically look like a zombie in the mornings when I wake up, I need a little help to make myself photo-presentable. So here’s my 12-item holiday makeup routine!

To even further minimize luggage, you can easily opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to avoid bringing a separate base and foundation. I’m sticking with my Lancome Teint Idole foundation because it's one of the longest wearing foundations I’ve come across, so I don’t have to worry about it coming off after a long day out. And with it's buildable coverage, I also use this as concealer.

I never powder my whole face and sometimes even skip it all together because I don’t like the cakey finish (or maybe I just apply too much lol). But a good powder definitely does make my foundation last longer, and that's definitely the key factor here!

(Note: Please excuse the difference in lighting, the sun kept coming and going.)
Whenever I wear eyeliner on it’s own without eyeshadow, I prefer to use brown over black as it makes the overall effect less intense and more natural. A great alternative to the UD liner is the Bobbi Brown gel liner – again long-wearing!

If I skip mascara, it’s like I almost have no lashes. And though not as severe, my eyebrows are pretty non-existent too. Lol. So I never leave anywhere with out defining my brows and putting on some mascara. I''ll probably be bringing back a whole suitcase-ful of Japanese mascaras, they do miracles for my lashes!

October 3, 2012

My Crazy Long Skincare Routine! Pt.2

I must admit I've been a little slow on the blogging front lately, I do very much apologize. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be going on a trip to Japan! Yes, JAPAN!! So I'm very excited...and super distracted at the same time. I start jumping up and down just thinking about all the makeup/skincare shopping I'm going to do over there - Koh Gen Do, Shu Uemura, SUQQU, Addiction, the list is endless. If you have been following this blog you would know that I've actually been traveling a lot this year - which has always been disruptive in the flow of things. So please bare with me! I'll be sure to make all my rounds soon! ;)

Anyhoo, back to skincare! So here's how I use all my skincare products together...
Step 1: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser
Step 2: JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Lotion
Step 3: Estee Lauder Idealist Serum
Step 4: Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
Step 5: Biotherm Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel
Step 6: Lancome Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift Eye Duo
Step 7 (not pictured): Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 

Step 1: Yesto Cucumbers Facial Towelettes or JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Cleansing Oil
Step 2: Chanel Precision Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
Step 3: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser
Step 4: Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant
Step 5: JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Lotion
Step 6: JUJU Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Essence
Step 7: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Step 8: Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
Step 9: B-liv by Cellnique Blackheads Sebum Gel
Step 10: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief
Step 11: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye
Step 12: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Step 13: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 

Now for the products! For part 1, please see here.
Concentrates and Serums (L-R):
Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, B-liv by Cellnique Blackheads Sebum Gel and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

Besides Kiehl's line reducing concentrate, I don't use the other 2 products on a day-to-day basis. I can't really justify my love for the Kiehl's concentrate - given that I'm 25 and don't have a whole heap of lines to reduce - but I truly do believe this product does its job. I mainly apply this on my forehead and around my mouth and have yet to see any signs of frown/smile lines - so that's proof enough to me!

I mainly bought this B-liv serum/gel because I've read so many good things about Cellnique and this was the closest thing I could get to it. I don't find this serum/gel to be effective when it comes to minimizing pores and blackheads, but it does help reduce redness around my nose when applied after I've squeezed out a few blackheads (yes, it's gross even just to write about). 

This Mario Badescu drying lotion is probably the best anti-acne product I've come across so far - which is really saying a lot! I try not to use it too often though because it is a strong formula and can be very drying on the areas on which it is used.