November 14, 2012


Finally, snippets of my trip to Japan! I didn't realise how many photos I had taken (over 2000!), so I do apologize for taking my time in making this post. Looking back at all these photos though just makes me desperately want to go back...I miss Japan so much! :(

Now before I get into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Osaka, I want to share my photo diary of the breathtaking city of Kyoto. I never thought Kyoto would leave much of an impression on me, it's more about sightseeing and culture, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience. I love the clash between traditional Japan and it's modern technological advances; Kyoto is definitely a very unique city. Anyhoo, I'll keep the text to a minimal and let the pictures do the talking! Though be warned, this post is VERY picture heavy! 

Kinkakuji Temple
A temple covered in gold. Yes, GOLDDDD!!! And though you can't physically go inside the structure, it felt surreal just being in its presence - almost like I've jumped into some fantasy movie. Alongside it's surrounding gardens, Kinkakuji is absolutely picturesque.

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Fushimi Inari Shrine is most famous for its big red gates (called torii) that form tunnels which are just ENDLESS. Walking through the forest greenery (it's built on mountain) whilst being encaged in these red structures was a really amazing experience!

Arashiyama is a district on the outskirts of Kyoto, and is probably one of the most beautiful and scenic places I've ever been to. The mountains, lakes, bamboo trees...I'm really not much of a nature girl generally, but I would be happy to spend all day taking in the scenery at Arashiyama.

The temple built without nails - and it's a huge structure too! Surrounded by forests and mountains, there is a real sense of tranquility and beauty there. Kiyomizudera is also famous for it's smaller shrines where many people go to pray for luck in their love life. There were so many 'love' charms! :P

Yasaka Shrine
It was really by accident that I ended up visiting Yasaka Shrine at night. But I'm so glad I did because it looks spectacular! I've never seen so many lanterns light up a shrine, it was all too beautiful!

The city of Nara is famous for its many temples, but most well known for its vast population of deers. You kind of feel like you are in a wildlife park. But be warned, those deers get a little rough when you have food for them (which you can buy there) and I speak from experience!

That's it for now! There's plenty more to see in Kyoto, but the above places were most memorable to me. Hope you enjoyed the photos! And thanks for taking the time to comment! :D


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