April 5, 2014


How cute are these new Clinique Cheek Pops? Even the name is adorable! I've always been a fan of simple, clean packaging, and Clinique gets it so right with the clear acrylic snap compact. The daisy pattern on the blush itself is simply beautiful - hence the image overload - I'm almost hesitant to ruin the design!

These Cheek Pops comes in 4 universally flattering shades, from pinks to peaches to corals. My instinct was to go for Peach Pop (02), which is a gorgeous pinky coral, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone with Berry Pop  (03) instead. It's swatches as a deep fuchsia pink, but when blended out across my cheeks it definitely wears on the pinker side. The slight sheen finish is very natural, leaving a subtle glow on the skin.

I initially expected the colour payoff of these blushes to be quite soft, but boy are they pigmented! The texture feels very soft and smooth, and blends out nicely when applied. Berry Pop is one of the more intense shades in the range, so if you have fair skin like me, remember to apply this with a light hand! The colour can be easily sheered out, but is also very buildable if you have darker complexion. This blush lasted about 7-8 hours on my skin, which is great in my books!

Overall, I'm super impressed! Clinique Cheek Pop is one of the best powder blushes I've tried so far and I want more! I will probably eventually crack and snap up all 4 shades lol. Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Are you as smitten as I am? Thanks dropping by! ;D


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